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Published on January 5th, 2016 | by admin

Super Bowl 50 Odds Update for the Wild Card round of the 2015-16 NFL Playoffs

The Wild Card round is almost underway and the first matchups this weekend are going to be barn burners. In the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks will head to Minnesota for a date with the Vikings. While on the other side, the Pittsburgh Steelers are heading back to Ohio for a date with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Meanwhile in the AFC, the Houston Texans are hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Green Bay Packers are headed to Washington to meet Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. How it all shook down in the end, is a total head scratcher – especially if you’re a Packers fan. None the less, the Wild Card round is here, so let’s break it down.

NFL Wild Card round update – Let the games begin!

AFC Wild Card – Kansas City Chiefs (+1,400) at Houston Texans (+6,000)

The Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) are heading into the NFL Playoffs as a very underrated team. They were a Denver Broncos loss away from taking top spot in the division and a first-round bye. They’re also on an insane 10-game winning streak! Which, by the way, is the best in the NFL.

Kansas City has had their success swept under the rug because of the stories in Denver. Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning have taken all of the headlines in the AFC West. Well they’ve taken the positive headlines anyhow, the Chargers and Raiders have dominated the negative headlines.

The Texans do have a chance in this game, but behind Brian Hoyer you never quite know what you’re going to get. He has had some fantastic games this season, but his big game experience is almost non-existent. He’s had a fairly strong partial season in Houston and has had a half decent season in Cleveland. That’s the extent of his starting experience. If he can put it all together and down the Chiefs, the sky will be the limit for the Houston Texans.

AFC Wild Card – Pittsburgh Steelers (+650) at Cincinnati Bengals (+2,000)

The Cincinnati Bengals should be favored in this game and as a contender to win Super Bowl 50. However, Andy Dalton just met with a doctor on Monday to get his cast removed. His broken thumb has not healed in time and it looks like the reigns may be still belong to AJ McCarron. If that is the case come Saturday, the Bengals odds will remain the same. They will remain +2.5 point underdogs and the Steelers will keep their rank ahead of Cincy in the SB50 odds.

The Steelers on the other hand may have a few issues of their own. Their newly emerged star backup back DeAngelo Williams may be on the shelf along with Dalton. He’ll get his ankle checked out this week after leaving last Sunday’s game against Cleveland early with injury.

If Williams can play in this game and Dalton remains on the sideline in street clothes, the Steelers could dominate this matchup.

NFC Wild Card – Seattle Seahawks (+450) at Minnesota Vikings (+2,000)

The red hot Seattle Seahawks head back to Minnesota for a date with the Vikes to kickoff the NFC Wild Card tilts. Don’t get me wrong, the Vikings are playing very well right now and the likelihood of another Seahawk blowout in Minny are quite low. None the less, the Hawks since the mid-season point, have been one of the best teams in the game. They enter this matchup as -6 point favorites and with good reason.

The Russell Wilson story took a sweet turn half way through the year. Since November 22nd, he’s gone 6-1 and averaged just under three-and-a-half touchdowns per game. The guy has been unreal since facing the Niners in Week 10. One of his biggest output performances came against Minnesota as well on December 6th. He threw three touchdowns and ran in one in the Hawks huge 38-7 win.

The key to this game is shutting down Adrian Peterson. If the Legion of Boom can keep All Day in check, the Hawks should walk through to the next round with ease.

NFC Wild Card – Green Bay Packers (+1,800) at Washington Redskins (+3,000)

The Green Bay Packers are entering the playoffs as the coldest and worst team in the postseason. The odds don’t show it, but their record and stats do. After starting the year 6-0, they entered their bye week as one of the best in the country. Nobody is quite sure what happened after Week 7, but the team changed it’s look completely.

They dropped their next three including a home loss to Detroit with a botched game winning field goal. Aaron Rodgers has been brutal. Eddie Lacy has been brutal. James Starks has been brutal. Above all else, their o-line has been extremely brutal. This team looks horrific and are coming off another home loss to Minnesota for the division championship this past Sunday.

The Washington Redskins are a team that are receiving no respect whatsoever. They aren’t the best obviously, but they’re certainly not the worst. They have had their ups and downs and they did prevail in a very poor division. The Skins though are on a four-game win streak and have won six of their last eight.

If Kirk Cousins and the Washington offense can click right off the bat, the Skins could surprise in this game and their playoff run.


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