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Published on January 5th, 2015 | by Elizabeth Fisher

Where Can I Legally Bet on the Super Bowl?

The issue of legalizing sports betting is one that still won’t go away. New Jersey’s plans to legalize it have been squashed. And while NBA commissioner Adam Silver has publicly voiced his support of legalizing sports betting, it’s still some ways away from becoming reality, and certainly not in time for the upcoming Super Bowl in February.

However, there are still some ways of legally betting on the major sporting events like the Super Bowl outside of personally heading on over to Las Vegas. They come in the form of online sportsbooks, which allows bettors to gamble in the comfort of their own homes.

Some people might be concerned by the legality of such operations, but they should have little to fear if they find the right online sportsbook, which is to say one not being operated within the United States, where it is illegal. Offshore sportsbooks operate outside of the jurisdiction of U.S. federal laws and are generally safe to use for anyone residing in the U.S.

That’s not to say that all online sportsbooks are to be trusted. There are some out there that have questionable reputations, to put it kindly. So to be safe, here are three recommended online sportsbooks that have a very solid track record of upstanding service which you can visit for putting a bet on the big game:

Legally Bet on the Super Bowl with These Three Online Sportsbooks

1. Top Bet

Despite being a relatively new player in the online sportsbook game, Top Bet has earned its way as one of the more reliable names in the industry with its excellent service and generous bonuses. They offer a 50% initial deposit bonus, very generous by industry standards.

2. BetOnline

Another well-known name in the industry, BetOnline caters to several means of depositing, including major credit cards, and has a minimum bet of just $1.

3. Bookmaker

Led by an experienced group of managers, this sportsbook is renowned for its fast posting of NFL lines, perfect for betting on the big game.

For anyone looking for a reputable online sportsbook to legally bet on the Super Bowl, check out these renowned sites today.

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